My first project, an abandoned Victorian row house in Harlem, also happened to be my first home. As such, it afforded me the opportunity to explore all the roles essential to the complex task of creating a home: designer, contractor, craftsman, client. More properties followed, each with its own unique structural, design and budget challenges. But this integrated approach, expanded and evolved with each project, proved to be a nimble, efficient, and cost-effective way to facilitate the building process. And create living spaces pure in their intent and uncompromised in their execution. It's a skill set I would like to bring to your home as well.

Based in Manhattan and the Catskill Mountains, Givonehome specializes in the design and development of both city and country properties. That's not to say they are two distinct styles; rather, country primitive and urban industrial architectures are fused in all of the work. Resulting in designs that, while melding historic and modern, also plays these elements against one another, highlighting the innate beauty of each by virtue of its contrast with the other. And yielding spaces that are at once polished and raw, classic and cutting-edge and, ultimately, true to the meaning of home.

Whether it's design consultation, simple alteration or gut renovation, Givonehome offers clients a creative approach and construction methodology not found in the traditional building process. Our resources in both city and country provide a unique palette of materials and architectural influences from which to draw, to create a home that is truly one-of-a-kind, truly your own. And by integrating design and construction under one roof, we can minimize the delivery schedule and maximize flexibility, offering varying cost/design options as the process unfolds and new possibilities emerge.

Creating a home is a give-and-take process, one that requires constant refinement and communication. The goal is to interpret your needs and express your desires in a way that clearly meets your expectations, yet takes you to a place you hadn't quite imagined. A place to live, to dream, to call home.